Automated Timesheets using Bluetooth

Bleet makes time tracking simple and easy. Bleet automatically creates and completes timesheets for multiple users, just using the fact that they’re carrying a mobile phone. It can also be used to track the times that Bluetooth enabled pc’s or laptops are on.

How it works

Bleet tracks whenever a user’s mobile phone, PDA, or other bluetooth device is in range and records the time and duration into a google calendar.

Do I have to spend ages pairing devices and entering passcodes for everyone?

No. Bleet relies on a local area bluetooth scan to see devices that are present. Because it doesn’t send or recieve any data from devices it doesn’t need to pair with them.

I have more than one phone or device that I carry, can I track using any of them?

Bleet lets you track with as many devices as you like. So, if you have more than one phone that you like to carry, any of them being within range will count as you being present.

How much does it cost?

For tracking a single user with multiple devices it’s free of charge. To track multiple users it costs a one off fee of $34. This is payable once and gives you access to all upgrades and bug fixes for Bleet v1. This license allows you to install bleet on a number of pcs for tracking your times at multiple locations. The only restriction is that only one gmail account can be used, although your calendar can be shared with multiple people.

Want to track more than just yourself?

The free download allows you to track multiple users for up to 30 days to make sure that bleet works for your team. After 30 days you can purchase an activation license and you can track a near unlimited number of people. Bleet can automatically create an additional calendar in google for each person so that you can easily share a user’s calendar with them so that they can view their times, without seeing other people’s.

What about iPhones, they can’t be put into discoverable mode permanently?

At the moment Bleet is unable to track users of iPhones directly, however because Bleet can track multiple devices for each person, if they carry another Bluetooth discoverable device they can be tracked with no problem.

My device doesn’t show in the found list why is this?

The most common reason for this is that your device is set to undiscoverable mode – most blackberries are set to this mode initially, but it’s very easy to change:

  1. In the device options, click Bluetooth.
  2. Press the Menu key.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Set the Discoverable field to Yes.
  5. Press the Menu key.
  6. Click Save.

For more info see the Blackberry website.


Bleet requires you to have a Microsoft compatible bluetooth dongle in the tracking pc and an active Internet connection. The only other requirements are that any devices that you want to track are in discoverable mode and they are NOT paired with the tracking pc.

My blackberry is not being found, what can I do?

Out of the box blackberries are not in discoverable mode. Follow the instructions for your particular device to enable bluetoothdiscoverable mode.

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