TimeBot records your times and creates timesheets without you doing anything. All you have to do is carry a bluetooth enabled cellphone or device.

TimeBot works by checking to see if your device is in range – if it is, it records your time. When you go out of range, TimeBot waits to make sure you’ve really gone, and then TimeBot writes your times out to your Google Calendar.

Timebot can track an entire team as easily as it can track an individual. Setting up team tracking is easy with its simple setup screen – there’s even no need to manually enter device details.

Multiple user tracking via bluetooth with TimeBotMultiple Users

TimeBot is designed to track a near unlimited number of users* for easy timesheet creation. All it requires for each user is for them to be carrying at least one mobile device with Bluetooth switched on and discoverable.

*Multiple user tracking is free for 30 days. After 30 days it requires a TimeBot license.

Add multiple=Multiple Devices

Lots of users carry more than one mobile device these days, and TimeBot can take advantage of this fact. TimeBot can track any number of devices per user, allowing the presence of any of them to register the user as at the TimeBot location.
Adding devices couldn’t be easier. When you create or edit a user, TimeBot scans the surrounding area for bluetooth devices, and then lets you pick the users’ devicesĀ  from the list. Once added these are saved against the for future tracking.

TimeBot can be installed at multiple=Additional Locations

By installing TimeBot on machines at multiple locations it can record user movements across multiple sites. Each entry it writes into the Google Calendar shows the location that it was created at.

This allows you to set up tracking at more than one office location or building. It could even be used to track how long it takes for you to commute from work to home!

User times are stored in Google CalendarEasy Sharing

TimeBot creates seperate Google calendars for each user, allowing them to view and manage their times individually. If you prefer TimeBot can store all users’ times in one master Calendar. Either way, TimeBot allows the registered Google Account holder to edit, view, and manage all times.