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List Files easily in WordPressAfter the success of my two free WordPress plugins – Pretty File Links, and Pretty File List – I have completed my first commercial plugin.

It’s an almost complete rewrite of Pretty File List with lots of new features added in. More details below:

File List Pro lets you quickly display files attached to a post or page, in a paged, sortable, searchable, and filterable list. It comes ready to go with 18 styles and is fully customisable.

File List Pro is perfect for creating lists of PDF newsletters, Excel spreadsheets of company accounts, Powerpoint Presentations ready to view, or Download lists for zip files.

You can manually choose the files you want to show from a list, or specify criteria and have the list update itself automatically. It evens add tagging functionality to files so that you can have multiple auto-updating lists on the same page.

Currently the File List Pro WordPress plugin is just $10 with prepaid credit through CodeCanyon (one of the Envato Marketplaces).

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2 replies on “File List Pro”

is there a problem with WordPress 3.5? I instal this plugin in latest version of WP and nothing seems to happened. I follow steps to add functionality to my page but plugin doesnt work. I use free version.

Is it the File List Pro plugin or Pretty File List that you’re using?


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