Css portholes

This tutorial builds on a previous post for creating a rounded inset image from a square picture, this tutorial adds a complex border to make the image look like a stylish porthole. The parts of the (w)hole The final image is made up of: The original image which has a drop-shadow and border applied via …

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Image buttons in an Asp:datagrid for edit/cancel/update

Just recently I had to style an asp datagrid that another developer had created. Now almost all of our default styles for this site use simple image buttons for actions but the datagrid automatically pumps out the Edit, Cancel, and Delete buttons as plain text. Unfortunately Microsoft have given very little control to designers/developers over …

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Min-height in IE6

We all know the problem: You need to set a minimum height on an object but IE6 ignores it and ruins your layout. Well worry no more, there is a simple fix: selector { min-height:500px; height:auto !important; height:500px; } This takes advantage of two IE6 bugs: IE6 ignores the !important and sets the height using …

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