Map List Pro Demos

[alert type=”success”]This is the demo page for Map List Pro. For more information about it see the overview page[/alert]

Super Simple Map

A simple map with filtering, sorting, and search turned off.

Search by title

This example shows a list of locations in the Restaurant category. The search box does a text search against all locations. This includes the title, short description, and categories.


Search by location

This example is using the location search. It allows you to search for all locations within a set distance of the searched for location. Try searching for “knightsbridge” or “spitalfields”. The UK suffix is automatically added to restrict searches to the UK.

Search by location and text

Search for all locations within a certain distance that also have a certain word in their title, description, or category.

Geolocated map

Categories as a list

Categories showing as a list of buttons rather than a dropdown.


List only

No map. Just a searchable, sortable. filterable list of locations.


Map only

Multiple category filtering

Let your users filter by multiple categories – select British and then Extra tasty from the options below. Find out how to set up multi-category filtering.


Accordion Mode

This example shows a list of locations grouped by their categories in an acccordion layout.