Pretty File List

The Pretty file list plugin lists files attached to a post, displays them, and pages them in an attractive format without you having to do any work. It’s designed to be very easy to use, and even comes with built in styles for different set ups.

Using the Pretty File List plugin

Paste the following shortcode into your content: [prettyfilelist type=”excel” filesperpage=”4″]

 Changing your style

Pretty File Links is simple to use so it has almost nothing that you need to change. The one exception to this is the link style. To change this do the following:

  1. Go to Settings –> Pretty file list.
  2. Choose your preferred style from the drop down menu. The previews should update automatically so you can pick the correct style. Don’t worry no changes are made to the front-end until you click save.
  3. Once done. Click Save.

File types the Pretty File Lister supports

Pretty file types currently supports:

  • Word documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • PDF files
  • Zip files.


A simple example showing just excel files, with 4 items per page. The list is sorted with newest items showing first.

Download now

Download and install via the WordPress installer or ftp.

Download the Pretty File List plugin from

Pro Version – Additional Features

There is now a pro version of Pretty File List available – File List Pro. It adds the following features:

  • Pick individual files to list
  • Shortcode builder built into editor
  • In page list filtering
  • In page list sorting
  • In page list searching
  • List by date range
  • 18 Styles built in
  • Templated and editable list style
  • Download counts for files (using an additional plugin)

You can get the pro version now for just $10 from

Additional Styles

Want more styles? Purchase the style pack for just $3 and get 11 15 additional styles.

Give me your feedback

This is the second WordPress plugin that I have released, so any feedback, feature requests, bugs etc. would be gratefully received. Even if it’s just additional file types you want added or a note to say you’re using it please get in touch.

Future plans

I intend to keep adding to the free version of Pretty File List, at the same time as improving the Pro version. So don’t worry there’s plenty more to come…

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